Homeless Man with Heat Exhaustion Asks Restaurant for a Cup of Water, But the Manager Has Something Better in Mind…

Life by This Buzz on August 8, 2017

The Texas heat isn’t easy to contend with, especially if you’re homeless and hungry. A rugged-looking homeless man with what appeared to be heat exhaustion came into a Long John Silvers restaurant in Amarillo and asked for a cup of cold water.  Thankfully, a kind employee named Janet, who’s been through tough times herself, helped him out.

But that’s not all, Janet asked her manager who goes by the moniker, “Captain” if they could further help him and he agreed to treat the homeless man to lunch. Needless to say, he was so grateful to receive that tray of food.

Meanwhile, an onlooker named Scott Grubitz saw this act of kindness go down and shared it online, and the story has since gone viral. “You folks are a real Class Act and I will definitely be returning,” Grubitz wrote. I wish more places would do the same instead of tossing the food they don’t sell in the garbage.”

What are your thoughts?

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