This Clever Way to Cut Watermelon Is Super Simple and Easy to Eat – Yes Really!

Food by This Buzz on August 8, 2017

Watermelon is a delicious summer treat that keeps you hydrated and cools you off in the summer, but unfortunately it can be really be messy to eat. Watermelon can drip all over the place and it’s even more of a challenge for kids who often end up drenched in watermelon juice! While it’s yummy, whether it’s on your hands or all over your face, there’s a simple solution!

Scrap the traditional way of cutting watermelon where the rinds and juices get all over your kitchen counter top. An expert watermelon cutter shows a clever way of cutting the watermelon into sticks. Watch his quick and easy demonstration and you’ll never want to eat watermelon the same way again!

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